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Tamir Goodman Debuts Basketball Training Creation

July 24, 2013

Tamir Goodman says the Zone190 will help basketball players train for actual game scenarios. (Provided)

Tamir Goodman says the Zone190 will help basketball players train for actual game scenarios. (Provided)

It seems like a long time ago that Talmudical Academy of Baltimore graduate Tamir Goodman was solely known for being a professional basketball player. Since hanging up his high tops in 2009, he’s become a public speaker, a writer and an inventor.

Last week, Goodman, 31, unveiled his latest creation, and this one undoubtedly takes him back to his basketball roots.

Enter the Zone190, which Goodman is touting as the most practical and multidimensional basketball training apparatus on the market.

The basis of the Zone190 is its capacity to replicate game scenarios in a practice environment. Using the contraption, a player can hone his or her shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork, body positioning and endurance abilities — devoid of a partner.

With its trampoline-like material, Zone190 enables athletes to bounce the ball off its surface and practice catching and shooting from different angles on the court. Unlike other models on the market that only allow the ball to travel in one direction, Zone190’s 190-degree, 7-foot-long surface area allows for a “multiangled pitch-back.” It also is equipped with a retractable defensive arm in the center that simulates a defender trying to block the shot and two other “defensive hands” on either end that mimics an opponent trying to steal the ball.

Goodman said that the challenges he endured while attempting to rehab his knee, which plagued the latter portion of his pro career, helped provide the inspiration for the device. He remembers spending hours in the gym without anyone to practice with him.

“This would’ve been my dream, to have something like this,” Goodman said. “Something really negative, my career-ending injury, ended up turning into something very positive that will hopefully help a lot of basketball players.”

Goodman noted that Zone 190, which costs $499 plus tax and shipping, has been in the works for more than three years. Those in the game endorsing the apparatus include Israel-born NBA player Omri Casspi and former NBA assistant coach Brendan Suhr, who dubbed the Zone190 the “most innovative product I’ve seen for player development in years.”

Said Goodman, “I hope this will help as many athletes as possible reach their potential in a fun way.”

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