Below are some of the testimonials from Tamir’s engagements:

Synagogues and Community Events

Dani Weinstein, Combined Jewish Philanthropies:

“The group was blown away by him!  He was so inspirational, both men and women commented on how much they enjoyed hearing him.  He was incredibly funny, personable and inspirational.”

Rabbi Daniel Cohen, Agudath Shalom, Stamford CT:

“Our comminity loved hearing him and I know young and old were moved by his humor, spirit, wisdom and “on the court” experience!”

Jessie Bruder, Jewish Federation of Cleveland:

“Your words of encouragement energized our volunteers and made them feel proud.”

Allison Rosenfeld, Jewish United Fund:

“Tamir’s presentation and power point were engaging, charismatic and thought-provoking.  His story resonated with people of all ages and the audience was truly inspired by the example Tamir sets as a determined, young, Jewish man in a secular world.”

Rebecca Goodman, Jewish Federation Southern Arizona:

“Tamir delivered a flawless presentation; funny, meaningful…something every member of our audience enjoyed. We received incredible feedback – our men felt inspired and rejuvenated.”

Ori Akrish, Temple Kol Ami, Beachwood:

“Todah Rabah on your amazing speaking engagement today. The families were captivated by your story, and they all pulled me aside after to mention how fantastic you were. Big impact and great response.”

Rabbi Simcha Tolwin, Aish in the Woods, Detroit Michigan:

“We have never had a speaker as on target as Tamir!”

Rabbi Jonathan Feldman, Manhattan Jewish Experience, NYC:

“He is cool, relatable, and an incredible mensch and
person.   He spoke for a while, and people were riveted.  One of
our participants said he was the best speaker they have ever heard at MJE.”

Steven Baruch, Director Coalition for Jewish Learning, Milwaukee WI

Tamir Goodman gives workshop  participants a unique view of a Jewish soul remaining true to  its essence while competing In top level basketball.  Through his words and through a remarkable clinic he touched our hearts and inspired us to be better Jews and better people.   

Rabbi Matt Futterman, Anshe Emet, Chicago:

“We had a wonderful experience with Tamir Goodman. I urge you to consider bringing him to your community.”

Bob Jacob, Shaarey Tikvah Men’s Club, Beachwood, OH:

“Congregation Shaarey Tikvah Men’s Club could not have found a better speaker for its third annual Breakfast of Champions.”

Rabbi Adam Miller, Temple Beth Am, MA:

“Temple Beth Am thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Tamir Goodman! Tamir is an inspirational and engaging speaker who connected with members of our congregation across the age spectrum.”

Miriam Greenberg, Chabad of Solon, OH:

“Tamir’s speech captivated and resonated with our diverse crowd and we continue to receive positive feedback regarding Tamir’s visit.”

Rabbi Barry Star, Temple Israel of Newton, MA:

“If the message you would like to get across is one of commitment to Jewish values in a secular world, Tamir is a guest speaker to have. I recommend him highly!”

Gil Stebbins, and Rabbi Michael Cohen of Young Israel of Oak Park, MI:

“We can say with certainty that any audience who has the privilege of listening to Tamir’s message will be entertained by his moving story.”

Dina Kantor, Chabad Of Westport, CT:

“We could not be happier with the way it went.”


Rabbi and Mrs. Slonim, Chabad of Binghamton University:

“Tamir Goodman is that rare speaker who can appeal to every type of student who walks through your door! He has a fascinating story, he is thought provoking and he is emotionally engaging. More than anything else, he is genuine and inspires like few others have the ability to do.”

Rabbi Eli Silberstein, Chabad at Cornell University:

“The students were hooked. Tamir’s message is so powerful and extremely important to the students. He had them laughing like no other speaker before him.”

Head Basketball Coach Kevin Bille, Notre Dame College:

“I cannot thank you enough for relaying your message to our players. I thought it was very honest, inspiring and VERY good to have our players hear something like that.”

Youth Groups, Schools and Camps:

Randy Coleman, director of 6 Points Sports Academy, United Reform Judaism:

“Tamir was excellent!”

Rabbi Shimon Rivkin, I Director, Chabad Teen Network:

“Your presentation was a homerun. (or Slam Dunk :))”

Julia Ulman, NFTY – NEL

Thank you so much for speaking! They absolutely loved it. 

Rabbi Yehuda Jeiger, Bi Cultural School, Stamford CT

“Tamir is a true role model for our children and adults alike”

Shmulik Freid, Bnei Akiva Midwest Regional Director

“Our group of 9th grade students across the Midwest Region had the incredible opportunity to hear Tamir. His inspirational message touched each and every person in the room, he was definitely the highlight of our weekend!”

Alex Green, BBYO – MZ TEEN

“Thank you so much for coming. Everyone loved the program and many people said it was the best program they’d seen in their years in the organization.”

Rabbi Arieh Friedner, director of National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Cleveland, OH

“His story, delivery, lesson, and programs are all incredible.” 

Joyce Juda, director of New England United Synagogue Youth

“Tamir was a fascinating speaker and our teens were captivated by his life story.”

Rabbi Gevritz, SAR, Riverdale, NY:

“The students indicated that you left an exceptionally positive impression on them, and presented a living example of a sports hero who is also a Shomer Torah U’Mitzvot, the likes of whom they had never before seen. Now they have a role model on whom to guide their own behavior and aspirations.”

Rabbi Michael Merrill, Hebrew Academy of Nassau County:

Dear Tamir,

What a pleasure and honor it was to have you come to our school, the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, last week. Your message of reaching for our dreams resonated with our students. Your inspiring words will hopefully propel our students to try to reach their for their dreams as lofty as they might be. Additionally, your clinic was outstanding. We were amazed at how you encouraged all participants including those that were less athletic. When one of our students had a near meltdown, you swooped in and immediately encouraged them by admitting that you too make mistakes. His dignity was restored and he continued as an active participant. We really enjoyed your visit and wish you hatzlacha rabbah in sharing your message with the greater Jewish community. May Hashem grant you the strength to continue to make a kiddush Hashem.

Leah Spector, Agnon School, Beachwood, OH:

“You were AMAZING! The kids loved you so much!”

DeeDee Benel, educational director at Ramaz, NY:

“Even on the bus on the way home, kids came up to me to tell me how blown away they were by your talk!”

Rabbi Ari Katz, Yeshiva of Central Queens:

“Tamir was truly inspirational, amazing and outstanding. The students loved every minute with him. He should be at every Jewish day school throughout the country. This way he can inspire as many students as possible. We need speakers like this that can relate to day school students as he did.”

Rabbi Adam Englander, Hillel Day School, FL:

“Tamir’s speech and video were tremendously inspiring and the students walked away with a renewed sense of Jewish pride. The basketball clinics he ran after the talk were fun and instructive. He gave a pep-talk to our girls’ basketball team before their championship game and I guess it paid off – we won! I would highly recommend Tamir for any similar setting.”

Chaye Kohl, Akiva Hebrew Day School, FL:

“Tamir, Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. The quiet, unassuming way in which you tell your story is effective in bringing the message to the audience. Your way of seeing the silver lining in the clouds that eventually show up is a message that young people should hear.”

Rabbi Jonathan, BoysTown, Jerusalem:

“It was commented yesterday that in all the long list of speakers that we have had here over the years that include Chief Rabbis and the like, never has their been such unanimous attention of the student body. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you. May you have much success in your professional career, may you continue to carry yourself with humility, and may you continue to make a Kiddush Hashem wherever you go.”

Shaindy Lowenthal, Program Director, Camp Simcha/ Camp Simcha Special

Whatever our campers’ abilities and level of religious observance, they all had something totake from your presentation. Thank you for helping us create the uplifting
memories that keep our campers going throughout the year.


Rabbi Simcha Tolwin, Aish Detroit:

“On Chol Hamoed we had a “Passover Fun Day” with Tamir Goodman, the basketball player turned public speaker. While this may sound cliche, his talk and presence is anything but!”

He spoke to about 150 people, secular young families ages 3-60 and kept everyone spellbound with his stories and message. We have never had a speaker as on target as Tamir was. His talk was relevant, inspiring and a Jewish message that talked straight to the heart of young unaffiliated families. If you are doing anything for kids/teens/adults who are unaffiliated you should seriously consider bringing Tamir in.

Besides his amazing talks, Tamir is an absolute pleasure to work with. He was happy to work with the 3 year olds, the 13 year olds and the adults. He is there only to serve the need of your community and make a Kiddush Hashem. This was also an easy event to recruit for and charge for because of his name recognition.”

We will certainly bring him back and the sooner the better!

Jeff, “THE HOUSE,” Toronto:

“It was unbelievable getting a chance to meet you and hear your story. I can still remember reading the SI article 10 years ago and thinking (as a Jewish basketball player), this guy is the man! You’ve done unbelievably well in your physical career and I am sure Hashem will guide you know through your spiritual career. You are a true inspiration!”

Chana Miller, Crown Heights Night Life:

“Your story is fascinating and the girls really enjoyed hearing you”

JCC’s and Camps:

Elisabeth Fischbein, sports director, Minneapolis JCC:

“Thank you for providing a quality and memorable experience for the event attendees, coaching staff and myself. You are the best example of what you speak of – everyone left the event with huge smiles and feeling inspired by your journey. I hope that we can have you back again.”

Harry Siskin, participant at Coolanu Coaching Seminar:

“I want to say thank you again for letting me be part of this great experience. You have been an inspiration to me. I now feel that I can integrate religious observance with basketball.”

Alicia Honen, athletic director, Solomon Schechter, and site director of Coolanu Israel, Chicago:

“I will, along with the campers, coaches, and madrichim, always remember the life lessons taught. Campers were safe physically and emotionally, they learned about life in the context of basketball. Parents were complimentary throughout the two weeks about the lessons taught to their children.”

Sam Perlin, Director, Solomon Schechter, WA:

“Tamir Goodman has a great message for all of the campers of Jewish camps. It is helpful for the camp director to have a real professional athlete talk about the sacrifices that are made in order to be true to one’s self and to our religion. It’s not easy to be a committed Jew and have aspirations to play in college and in the pros. Campers and staff alike enjoyed hearing Tamir charismatically tell his basketball and Jewish journey.”

Jacqueline Keane, MBA Assistant Director of Wellness, JCC Chicago:

Thank you for bringing the Coolanu Israel Basketball Camp to the JCC last week.
It was an incredible experience for everyone involved – kids, parents, coaches,
staff, etc.



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