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Sport Strings Testimonials

Rabbi Lazer Brody, Ashdod Israel

“I wear them running and at my krav maga workouts and they’re dynamite.”

Rabbi Daniel Cohen, Agudath Shalom, Stamford, CT

“Wow! I never felt so comfortable and cool doing a mitzvah!”

Alan Weingrad – Super Bowl Champ

“Sport Strings Tzitzit are great!”

Dmitry Salita – Jewish Professional Boxer

“They are very comfortable! Great for training.”

David B. Schottenstein CEO/Founder Astor & Black Custom Clothiers

“Fantastic product.”

Mother in Teanceck:

He absolutely loves the tzizit-he said he is never
taking them off except to shower-and he wants to sleep in them- I told him to
take them off before bed-turns out he slept in them!!!”

Mother in Florida:

“He refuses to wear anything else.”

Lawyer from NJ:

“Super. It’s got a great feel”

Father of a Basketball player:

“Ari has not taken them off yet. 24 hours and counting.”

Father from CT:


“First of all, I want to thank you for a wonderful shabbos
last week in, CT.  I am the father of Eli.  I want to tell you a
quick story – last night Eli played basketball at our local yeshiva.  He
used the sport strings tzizit, which is the first time he wore tzizit while
playing basketball. In addition, he normally doesn’t wear a yarmulke when he
plays.  Last night before we went to the Yeshiva, he said” I took
clips because I don’t think it is right to play basketball in the Yeshiva without
wearing a yarmulke.”  There is no doubt in my mind that it is your
influence that made him decide to wear a yarmulke.”

Wife in Jerusalem:

“Just gave my husband the large tzitzit and he loved them.
absolutely loves them. won’t take them off. they are amazing. i am giving
aharon a check to give to you. thank you so so much! what’s the group or page I
can like and share from facebook?  also-
any chance you guys would consider making white ones? these are good for everyday
work, sports, etc. but it would be fantastic to get a white pair so he could
wear them on shabbat under his dress shirt! just an idea. . . ”

Businessman in Montreal:


Item is awesome. It exceeded my expectations. I just wore it
under my jersey this weekend for the first time and it felt great. I’m use to
wearing dry fit tops but the cotton shirt on top was genius. It kept me warm
after a good sweat and made me feel proud to let my tzitzits hang out on the
court. I have a couple friends who want to get one. Will try to convert that
into a sale. Good job, I’m sure it will do well.

US Contractor, Afghanistan:

I have now been wearing the Sport Strings Tzitzit now for a
couple weeks. They are very very well made, and hold up well and keep pretty
cool even under the hot sun here in Afghanistan, I am very pleased! I would
love to see more products, more varied colors, styles, more casual designs as
well something to maybe replace the everyday T-Shirt. For US military and
others deployed addition of sleeves would be a great thing as well.

Optometrist in NY:

Tamir, I got my Sport Strings tzitis a few weeks ago and
wanted to tell you that I love them! The material and fit are great for sports
and just sitting around. Looking forward to white so I can wear them all day!!

David Azman Vice President IDT JETS

Rabbi Fleishman – Ohio:

“I LOVE the Sport Strings, man. Very comfortable, I can
wear ’em all day. I’m wearing it under a polo right now and it feels almost
like the shirt’s right on my skin. Now make ’em in white so I can wear these on
Shabbos! :)”

IT Consultant in CT:

They’re great, and I’ll be ordering more soon.

Peter J Robinson Sr. IT Consultant; Sr. Network Engineer

Simcha Tamkin – College student

“The most comfertable garment ever”

Mother from Hollywood FL:

“Boaz LOVES these Tzitzit – they are an awesome product!!!”

Andrew B – Businessman from Highland Park NJ:

“I love them!   I’m
probably getting some more in a few days.”



st comfortable garment ever”


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