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Tamir Goodman Releases New Book on Sports and Philosophy

By Jspace Staff on 3/26/2013 at 10:14 PM

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Looks like Tamir Goodman just keeps going and going. The former basketball player, dubbed the “Jewish Jordan” by Sports Illustrated, has now put out a brand new book.

In a recent interview with Jspace News, Goodman gave a sneak peak as to what the book was all about: “It is a look on basketball from a physical, mental and spiritual point of view. It is a guide to help athletes reach their potential and become complete players by developing their physical, mental and spiritual capacities.” The book combines personal stories from Goodman’s journey, practical advice, and lessons that he calls “relevant to players when they are on the court and off of it.”

The book, written by Goodman and his wife Judy Horwitz Goodman and titled “The Jewish Jordan’s Triple Threat: Physical, Mental and Spiritual Lessons from the Court,” is finally out, and Goodman could not be more excited about it.

“The book kept on evolving, so much so that the first versions of the book are almost completely different in both form and content than the published version. We worked intensely over the past three to four months to create and revise the final manuscript,” Judy said.

“Tamir initially had the idea to write a book shortly after he retired from playing in 2009, and his relationship and talks with the iCenter, an organization dedicated to innovative Israel education, helped him to develop and refine his idea. Additionally, through his work with thousands of athletes he became increasingly aware that there is a need for an athlete’s guide that provides both practical training advice as well as spiritual lessons and inspiration,” Judy added.

“It was not my skills on the court alone that catapulted my story to the headlines of the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and CNN,” Goodman writes in the book, “it was the apparent dichotomy between my basketball aspirations and my open display of spirituality.” He goes on to tell stories from his life and basketball career and explain the choices he made regarding fasting on religious holidays and not playing games on Shabbat. While nowadays, observant Jewish athletes are a common phenomenon, Goodman was one of the first to have to face such conflicts as a young boy.

The e-edition of his book is available on Goodman’s website as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble for just $6.99. The print edition should be released this week. Both the digital and print versions are published by DiversionBooks.

Becky Griffin is an Israeli-American television journalist living in New York. A basketball and music lover, Becky can be found on Twitter at @DorothyofIsrael.

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